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A simple argument against the Senior Housing amendment

I received a note from a resident: … We are strongly in favor of providing senior and affordable housing in Lyme.  We cannot quite understand the stipulations [of the proposed amendment] regarding measurements, etc.   It makes our head spin, especially since we weren’t in on the ground floor… I wrote the following response: Please don’t

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Public Hearing for Senior Housing

The Planning Board holds a Public Hearing on the proposed Senior Housing amendment on Thursday, 30 January at 7:00pm at the Town Offices. Update: The final language is shown below. This will be an opportunity for the residents of Lyme to ask questions (for example, Questions for the Planning Board) about the proposed amendment. I

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A few interesting events and articles: NHHFA 2020 Homeownership Conference: I always find value in these conferences sponsored by the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority because they discuss issues of funding and building housing of all kinds and price levels. March 3 in Manchester, NH, $35 registration. For more information: CohoUS Simple Series Kickoff:

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How much might a Senior Housing unit cost?

The Planning Board has proposed rules for allowing Senior Housing in the Lyme Common District. Despite the attractiveness of this plan, requiring the project be in the center of Lyme imposes significant costs on such a project. The analysis below shows that 10 units of 900sf each, when considering the land acquisition, architect, engineering, water,

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What is Workforce Housing?

People “in the workforce” – teachers, nurses, firefighters, police – have good and important jobs. They are an asset to the town where they live and work. The NH legislature recognizes their value and requires that towns with zoning “provide reasonable and realistic opportunities” to develop workforce housing. Workforce Housing is not “cheap” or undesirable

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Would these benefit Lyme?

As I drive around the Upper Valley, I have been collecting a list of services that exist in other towns. Would they be interesting or helpful in Lyme? Should any these below be prohibited? (and look for the extra credit question at the end…) Appliance repair shop Art gallery Art studio Auto repair shop Ballet

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