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Can Accessory Dwelling Units Help Meet Our Region’s Housing Needs?

On 4 October 2018, PlanNH and Vital Communities sponsored a talk titled, Can Accessory Dwelling Units Help Meet Our Region’s Housing Needs? at the Kilton Library, in West Lebanon NH. The primary speaker was Kol Peterson from Portland Oregon. He has published many books/resources on the subject of Accessory Dwelling Units:,, and Backdoor

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I have reworked my blog so that the primary domain name is “Random Neurons Firing” (instead of the prosaic Same content, but a better name. I’m also adding a new topic to those I’ve previously covered (“Software, Networking, Life”). Over the last two years, I have gone to many planning and zoning conferences to

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Internet Identity, Nationwide Bank, and the Post Office

Dave Winer wrote about “internet identity” and that several companies were probably thinking about solving the problem. Specifically, he said: But because money is so central to identity, it’s surprising that there isn’t a Google or Amazon of identity. Seems there’s money to be made here. An organization with physical branches everywhere, with people in

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Linking Reservation Nexus and TripAdvisor

Connecting ResNexus and TripAdvisor We wanted our room availability to show up in TripAdvisor and other online services. There are two basic steps, where you tell Reservation Nexus and TripAdvisor how to find each other’s information: Use Reservation Nexus Availability Exchange to share your room availability Use TripAdvisor TripConnect to link up your business to

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Taxpayer-Funded Networks – all that bad?

I saw an article fretting about taxpayer-funded broadband projects in Texas Monitor. It cites a “study” by the Taxpayer Protection Alliance Foundation that purports to show a wide swath of “failed taxpayer-funded networks”. A little research on the site led me to realize that it’s not first-rate work – outdated, incorrect information – so I

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WordPress Meetup in Londonderry

I’ll be speaking next month at the WordPress Meetup about the using Docker to host a development WP server on your laptop. Here’s the writeup: Docker for WordPress Docker enables developers to easily pack, ship, and run any application (including WordPress) as a lightweight, self-sufficient container which can run virtually anywhere. For WordPress users, this

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Fake News News

I went to a terrific talk at the Lyme Library earlier this week. Randall Mikkelsen from Reuters spoke on the topic, “Fake News: What’s the Real Story?”. In it, he presented The Chart which is an analysis of popular web sites showing their bias (left, center, right) with a measure of their reliability/believability. It’s useful

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