And the H@ckfest results…

What a great weekend! What interesting ideas came from the H@ckfest!

My team, the inforMED project, presented an idea for helping first responders (EMTs, ED triage) to get relevant data on their cell phone/tablet when they first encounter a patient. If the patient has one, the EMT would scan the token (RFID, QR code, NFC, etc) and this would immediately bring up a face sheet that give contact information, current medications, allergies, and advance directives to that they could initiate appropriate treatment.

We won an honorable mention for the CIO Track of the entire competition, and also won a $1,000 prize from Intel. The team members were:

  • Rich Brown
  • Adrian Gropper
  • Jake Mooney
  • Susan Katz Sliski
  • Jessica Wang
  • Joyce Zhang
  • Alice Zielinski
  • Patrick Zummo

What a great team!

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