Digital Analytics Fundamentals from Google

I just finished Google’s “Digital Analytics Fundamentals” course at I did OK, too 🙂

The course talks about using Google Analytics to show the performance of your website. The course was a series of short (4-10 minute) videos, with a set of questions after each to let you think about what they just said. In total, it probably took me a little under 6 hours to work through all the lessons: that’s about what Google predicts.

Even though I have worked with Google Analytics for a while, I learned a bunch. Some of the info was about new features they’ve introduced since I last looked; some was about getting more information from the existing tools – better filtering, better reporting. It also told about other facilities that I had never had reason to use.

The course is over closed out now, but they’ll probably run it again. It’s well worth it.

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