RRUL Tests – CeroWrt 3.10.28-14

RRUL charts

[Note: This is an earlier result. Check out the subsequent posting for CeroWrt 3.10.28-16 (above)]

The postings below are a series of charts that were created by the netperf-wrapper program. Note: I don’t know why the upload charts show such fragmentary data.

All charts made with default Queue Discipline: fq_codel, simple.qos script, ingress ECN on, egress ECN off. Variations are primarily with the Link Layer method.

DSL Modem has sync rate of 7616kbps down/864kbps up.

Chart names have the form: Down-Up-dflt-link-try.png where:

  • Down is the entered download speed (kbps)
  • Up is the entered upload speed (kbps)
  • Dflt is the default Queue Discipline as described above
  • Link is None or ATM with the number of overhead bytes [0 | 44]
  • try is an optional second or third attempt

Click on an image to view the entire set in a gallery

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